Find the missing peace with Kinesiology and Natural Health, and bring balance to your life.


At BEAUTY WITH BALANCE,   I offer my unique blend of powerful and restorative modalities - KINESIOLOGY,  PSYCH-K and natural BREATH WORK.  My BEAUTY based treatment  uses products  manufactured in  Australia from natural ingredients. QI BEAUTY  where 'positive ageing starts with energy'. 

 Embrace your Wellbeing with my  Balancing sessions as your catalyst for better health and drawing on the  potential within yourself -  your relationships, your career and your purpose in life !


One Life, Make it Positive!



The sessions at BEAUTY WITH BALANCE assist and support a range of disorders - Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Muscular Problems, Nutrition, Digestion, Weight & Body image, Trauma, Learning & Behavioural issues, Focus & Direction.  Suitable for all ages and personalised for individual client needs.

These unique Sessions assist to create great health,  joy, happiness & success in your everyday life.  Boosts self esteem, health, body, relationships, creativity & more. Transforming stress, anxiety & negative thinking into a more positive peaceful outcome.

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